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What is Natural Advanced Therapy all about?

We are a private therapy clinic for patients that are active in Bio Structural Myotherapy. The facility was built for the comfort of the programs, which included Registered Massage Therapy, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Restorative Exercise, Structural Integration and other complimentary therapies.  Natural Advanced Therapy began in 2009 as Family Physique Studio, specializing in Prenatal and Postnatal Therapies, for birth training and motherhood. Since then, Natalee has expanded her knowledge and developed a program that has proven to help everyone in all stages of life, addressing physical and mental health


Do you have studio etiquette rules?

Yes. Clients are appreciating the sacred space and how we do things diferently. Please respect our rules at all times.

- No personal items such as cell phones, electronics, purses etc. in therapy room. Personal yoga mats, water bottles, towels allowed only. Please keep personal items in lockers.

- No personal discussion in therapy room. All conversation is to be kept to topic at hand/instruction. Questions/comments related to class

- Time used in therapy room before, after and outside class time is strictly no talking. Meditation or quiet rest/exercise only

- Arrive at least 15 minutes early for class. This will allow time to get ready and begin to relax before class start time. Door is locked at class start time. Client codes will be disabled after class start time as coming in late disturbs class.

- If you can not attend class, please let instructor know as soon as possible.

- Let your instructor know about injuries prior to class.

Can I drop in?

We do not offer last minute drop in, we are a by appointment only facility. We will open registration for programs to the public if there is room after current patients have completed pre-registration. We take registration and screen each patient prior to any therapy or program. What is unique about out facility is we plan our sessions around who is coming that day or who registered for the session, so we need you to be dialed in as patient to our center. Treatment plans are shared between the staff so everyone know exactly how to assist you best, and make the modifications necessary for your needs.  

How do you join?

Easiest and fastest way to become a patient at this clinic is to simply book a one-on-one with Natalee. Your session will include a full assessment, treatment, wellness plan, access and orientation to facilities and IR therapy room, preregistration of classes, discounted client care classes and a few other little perks that are not available to the general public. We encourage you to supplement your treatments with programs and workshops we offer.

Natalee and most staff members are registered therapists. Clients may be able you can use your extended health benefits for therapy and programs within the clinic.

How many treatments will I needs? How long will I have to come to treatment and classes?

Until we see you, we can’t tell you how many sessions you may need. Once you come in to be assessed, we can get a better idea of how long your treatment plan will be. We do our best to work within your budget and insurance plans. We believe that finances should not render your treatment, and we will be happy to discuss and accommodate your financial needs.

What about the staff? Can I start with someone besides Natalee?

YES! Natalee has also been extremely picky with hiring.  We have only brought on board the most qualified and experienced instructors and therapists. Not only that, taking it one step further and only bringing in those that are willing to be trained and eventually certified on the principles of her branded therapy know as Bio structural Myotherapy. They are not just staff. We are a team and we take our jobs very seriously. Everyone is trained to cater all treatments and classes to exactly what your different therapeutic needs may be. Which is why we need you to be dialed in with us as a therapy center.

What can I expect when I arrive?

Natalee is excited to show you around her new facility. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by a beautiful and fresh reception area.  Kick off your shoes and coat, grab a snack or refreshment and take a few minutes to relax in the lounge. Clients can now choose to use the new infrared sauna room to maximize your sessions. The new facility will offer yoga and yoga therapy classes, and client care classes offered under the power of infrared. ​

A private session always begins with a discussion regarding your lifestyle, activities, sleep patterns, goals, mobility and pain you experience doing the things you love to do. We will also discuss diet, and foods that may be contributing to your discomfort. You will receive a full body physical assessment followed by hands on treatment time. We will then take all this information and design a treatment plan for you. Your treatment time can be a combination of modalities such as relaxing or deep tissue oil massage, structural integration, yoga, stress therapy, resistance and rehab training, movement analysis and homework to compliment therapy. After session you will notice significant reduction in chronic stress, pain and enhanced neurological functioning.

*please wear or bring comfortable, light clothing (gym attire), if you plan to use infrared room and for all movement therapies.

Can you explain Bio Structural Myotherapy?

Bio Structural Myotherapy is an assessment and treatment tool pulled from many different forms of therapy. This is because we are unique as people and our personal story is unlike someone else’s. What may be good one for, may not be for the next. For example, two people with back pain may not necessarily need the same exercise. In fact, sometimes, the wrong exercise can make things worse. One person with back pain it may be due to weakness and they need to build strength, yet the next may need a mobility exercise. One may have back pain due to the way they walk and one may have back pain due to an injury. The most common complaint about exercise is not knowing what to do. You have the right intent, and you do what you think you need to do, and you hurt yourself and/or aggravate a problem. That is where I come in.

Here is the good news, programs are not meant for you to come for the rest of your life. In fact, as silly as it may sound, we want you to “graduate” and only need to come back minimally to maintain your health. The key is to educate you and teach you what is going on, and how you can fix it yourself. You will gain valuable tools and learn new things about the human body and how it applies to you. After all, no one heals you, your body does. We just help give it a push in the right direction. The therapy room is available for members to come in and do their work, under the power of infrared. That is an added bonus of being an active patient! Read more about Infrared Therapy below.


Infrared Health Benefits

Far Infrared Heat is a leading therapy for a multitude of health issues.  Current research points to the extreme benefits of Far-Infrared Therapy in: heart health; cancer reduction and healing; improvement of arthritis; pain reduction; sleep issues; skin disturbances; cellular reproduction; sleep issues and more.  Heating your Yoga Studio with Far Infrared Yoga Panels will help your clients experience not only the amazing benefits of yoga and other modalities, but offer them the added benefit of Far Infrared Heat Therapy.  Infrared Health Benefits will go a long way to helping your students experience better practices!

Infrared Health Benefits

Heart Health

Far Infrared Heat is becoming one of the most efficient ways to help heart patients improve their heart function after a serious heart attack.  This gentle heating and consequent heart rate increase allows these patients to begin healing quicker.  Use of Far Infrared heat improves circulation, reduces fluid around the heart, and helps better overall heart function.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Cancer cells cannot live in hot environments.  Research demonstrates significant reduction of pre-cancerous cells in patients treated with Far Infrared Heat Therapy.  Efficient and consistent practice of yoga (and other health modalities) under Far Infrared Heat will considerably help students in fighting and preventing cancer.

Helps Heal Post-Cancer

Recent studies demonstrate that therapy from Far Infrared enhances recovery in cancer patients. Far-infrared heat kills cancer cells, helps the body remove toxins from cancer therapies, and enhances general well being and recovery of cancer patients (Please consult your physician prior to use).

Improves Arthritis

Each of us is searching for a way to ease the aches and pains of aging.  Arthritis is the body’s way of signaling us that we are experiencing aging or joint issues.  Heating the body with Far Infrared heat will help remove inflammation around the joints and soften the ache of arthritis.  Students will find stronger practices and relief from arthritis pain not only during class times, but also long after class is over.


Reduces Pain

Far Infrared Heat Therapy is leading the way in pain reduction.  From heating pads to pain strips, we see this technology used on a daily basis for spot reduction of pain.  Heating the overall body under the comforting heat of Far Infrared Yoga panels allows students and therapy clients experience a greater reduction in pain while enhancing their practices.


Fights Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is rapidly becoming an epidemic in our overweight western culture.  Many people are turning to yoga and meditation as ways to help fight diabetes.  Far Infrared heat is proven to help the fight of diabetes by enhancing heart health, improving circulation, and reducing pain allowing greater ease of movement and exercise.  In addition, Far Infrared heat is proven to improve skin tone and reduce inflammation around injection sites for Type I Diabetics.


Promotes Cellular Growth

Thousands of cells break down and are rebuilt on a daily basis in the human body.  Cellular growth is essential to good health.  Current research points to increased cellular functioning with the use of Far Infrared Heat.  Not only does yoga and other exercise help increase cellular function, but you can help your students actually improve their cellular health with heating your studio with Far Infrared Yoga Panels.


Increases and Improves Circulation

Increased heart rate induced by heating tissues increases blood flow throughout the body.  A healthy circulatory system results in a healthier body by moving oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and removing what is no longer needed.  Practicing yoga under Far Infrared heat with proper breathing and alignment all help improve student health.


Experience Better Sleep

The warmth of the sauna eases tense aching muscles and the pain of arthritis, bursitis, injury, or chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia.  This enhanced relaxation and well being lasts well past classes under infrared heat and helps students have deeper, more restful sleep.


Enhances Muscular Health

You’ve heard the phrase, “a healthy muscle is a happy muscle”.  We can all agree that practicing yoga and other exercise modalities help improve muscular health; we can all also agree that torn muscles or stretches ligaments and tendons are an issue in exercise.  By heating the muscles gently and increasing circulation with Far Infrared Heat, we can help students find enhanced muscular health, experience fewer muscle strains, and find more enjoyment in their practice.


Clears Skin Issues

Increased heating and perspiration through better circulation pulls wastes from the body through the skin.  Heat enlarges the skin pores allowing for easy removal of dirt and sweat helping skin cells heal faster and function better.   Washing away the resultant perspiration leaves the skin clean and rejuvenated.  Far-Infrared Heat in your studio can help students: reduce & clear acne, speed healing of cuts and bruises, help heal rashes and other skin irritations.


Augments Weight Loss

Removing harmful substances through perspiration and increasing the heart rate, which results in greater circulation, helps the body strive to reach its highest potential.  You can enhance your students’ weight loss efforts through helping them explore healthy living, exercise, and removal of waste products.  Research demonstrates that the resultant perspiration from an infrared sauna use contains 90% toxins – not just water loss.  Simply put, sweat is good for the body and your students will find healthier sweating under infrared heat then traditional heating sources.

Stress Reduction

Taking a short time away from the cares of the world in a yoga or meditation class definitely help students reduce their daily stress.  Practicing under the comforting warmth of Far Infrared heat significantly aids in stress reduction.  This time allows the body to begin to function properly and mind to relax from the stress and strains of daily life.  It provides a quiet, reflective time for your students as well as a relaxing social environment.​


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