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Natural Advanced Therapy is what Natalee calls Bio-Structural Myotherapy. Simply put, it is a combination of therapies that are not only recommended by the medical community, but welcomed by the alternative medicine world. Bio Structural Myotherapy works from a body, mind and spirit approach. The body is whole, and all systems are connected, therefore, therapy should be handled as such. What sets this therapy apart is that it addresses areas of the body others may have not considered. The importance of breath, how the alignment of the body affects wellness, the importance of movement and what we put in our body factors into your overall health and pain management. Getting to the source of discomfort, or identifying why healing is delayed, is the key to your optimal health.

In the new facility, NAT has expanded to a team of health practitioner that work together to make sure clients receive the care they deserve. Read about the entire team below. 


About Natalee Bouman

Natalee Bouman is the founder of Natural Advanced Therapy. She was born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada and was a known track and field athlete on the west coast. Along with her husband Darrick, two 2 beautiful boys, and two dogs, she currently resides in Medicine Hat Alberta.


Natalee brings to her clients an extensive background in massage therapy, kinesiology, structural integration, osteopathic medicine, yoga therapy, restorative exercise, and vast fitness certifications such as Pilates, yoga, pre/postnatal, resistance training. As an avid adult learner, Natalee has taken many courses and workshops that has advanced her knowledge in anatomy of the myofascial the system, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, and other health sciences. She has travelled to many places to learn a variety of therapy styles from all over the world, and in 2017 was invited to be member of the Fascial Research Society. Natalee is passionate about the newest science and research unfolding around fascial and fascial systems, and is a leader in this area of body work. Known in Southeastern Alberta for her skill of precisely figuring out the source of your pain, and working methodically through various pedagogies for a cure.


It is her core belief that when pain symptoms are only treated and not the source, results from treatment will not last long term. Thereby providing hope to many people who have previously believed that they will always be in pain. Natalee has been in business for 15 years in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas gaining valuable hands on experience. Her treatment of over 5000 people with many ailments and in many stages of life, including but not limited to working with prenatal and postnatal, children, elderly, athletes, and disabilities. Natalee loves challenges and is passionate about helping others. Her clients say her level of understanding and caring sets her apart from the rest.

Natalee had been lucky enough to have some amazing people join her team in her newest facility. To ensure the highest level of care, when you invest in a memebership at NAT, you also gain access to many other increcible therapists in the community. All the therapists at NAT work together, communicate your treament plan  and will work as a team to keep your wellness plan on track.


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